Monday, December 27, 2010

Green, Green or Green?

We are working on finding the right shade of green for Tom's office (and our guest room.) This is the first time I've tried painting samples. I love getting to see the color on the wall before we decide it's the right one. The middle and far right samples were our first try. The middle one is a little too sage green and the one on the right is really dark.

After another trip to the local hardware store (just a quick walk away!) We came back with sample number three. I think this one will be the winner. I'm just waiting for Tom's final opinion and I can start painting!

We are also in the process of ordering a panel bed, or murphy bed, for this room. It will look something like a downsized version of the Park Avenue Bed on this page. It's a great space saver and we will have a very comfy queen size bed for all of our out of town guests.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home Learnings

I need to post more but wanted to get this public service announcement out there right away...

As someone that is learning how wood floors work, my first lessons are:
1) They seem to get dirty quickly and need to be swept a lot. Not that carpet is cleaner, it just hides it better so make sure to vacuum a lot if you have carpet.
2) If you need to clean something up on hard wood floors, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use Pledge to finish the job. Seems logical right? Wood cleaner on hard wood floors...this has resulted in an ice skating feel to one spot in the kitchen. Sounds fun but somehow, every time I walk over it I seem to forget and almost meet my demise.

Merry Christmas!

A peaceful Christmas morning in the city.
(and the beautiful view from our rooftop!)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Too Many Drinks

Apparently, there is a new version of "Drunk Dialing" it's "Drunk Facebooking." Posting this picture of Tom and me wasted seemed like a great idea at 2:30 am. I have to admit I was a little embarrassed about it when I woke up the next morning.

We had a blast that night. It was a great introduction to the Chicago night life. We met up with some friends and stopped at three bars:

1st stop: Lasalle Power Company - This place was fun, had great decor and a neat atmosphere. The crowd was a little young though; I'm clearly not 21 anymore. Not that I'm complaining about that. I'm more confident and secure in myself now than I ever was at that age. A little perspective is always a good thing :)

2nd stop: Sable Kitchen & Bar - A very classy, and age appropriate, place that makes the best mixed drinks I've ever had. I highly recommend the War of the Roses, a grapefruit and mint drink that was to die for!

3rd, and final, stop: Rockit Bar & Grill - Finished the night with a couple of Dirty Girl Scouts, a mint and chocolate martini... so yummy. This is also where said picture was taken and promptly posted to facebook for all to see.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome Home

Tom closed on our place yesterday so we now have a permeant address in Chicago. It has been sort of a whirlwind of fun and craziness since I arrived here. The craziness is mostly contained in the mess of boxes that surrounds us. The fun includes amazing new places to eat, drink, and explore.

Stay tuned for updates on how our home is coming together, reviews of local bars and restaurants that we love, and anything else we feel like posting.

Love to all!