Monday, January 31, 2011

Coming Along...

Our home is coming along quite nicely. I think we have purchased most of the big stuff for it. We are just still waiting to receive most of it. I've done a lot of painting that I haven't posted pictures of yet. I wanted to wait until the rooms where complete. However, finishing most of the rooms has been a challenge. It seems like something keeps each one from being completed. For example, the bedroom would have been done this weekend except the mattress and box spring set we got was too high. They are switching out the box springs this weekend... making it just not quite complete yet - but very close.

That being said, I am going to set aside my perfectionism and post a picture of the room anyway. Here is a quick shot of our master bedroom looking into the family room. More photos, including before and after shots, to come soon...

Friday, January 21, 2011


Well, it's about time I discuss pizza... I am living in Chicago, right? Chicago is know for it's deep dish pizza. The problem is Tom loves a thin crust. Although, as our search for Tom's perfect piece of pie continues, we are realizing that he's not really looking for a thin crust either. He's on the hunt for more of a medium crust option. Abo's is our Denver/Boulder area fav and so far we haven't found anything like it in Chicago.

While his search continues, I am finding that I like it all! Deep dish? Delish. Thin crust? Divine. My favorite pizza place so far is Apart Pizza Company. They have thin crust pizza in all sorts of yummy signature combinations that are to die for. They also have awesome salad options. We had a Caprese type salad with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, & fresh basil on top of arugula (Logan, you would have loved it. Even with the tomatoes!)

Now, can someone please point me in the direction of the nearest gym?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dogs and Wood Floors = Hilarious

The dogs got really excited the other day.

For the sake of our floors I know I should have stopped them...
but I was laughing too hard :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nature Meets City

I decided to tackle our second bathroom yesterday. After my first project, Tom's office, this bathroom seemed perfect. Tom's office was probably the most difficult room to paint and this one is probably the easiest. The whole project only took a few hours. Awesome!

I had a hard time deciding what color to use.
The bathroom is full of tile and has a very modern flare to it.

These rust & gold glass tiles cover one wall...

... and this marble tile is everywhere.
It's shades of rust, black, and gold cover the shower, floor, and walls.

It seemed like using a rust or gold color would take away from the tile or be too intense. A light tan or yellow seemed too boring. That left only one more option...
That's right, BLACK.

Much to my surprise there were many versions
of the color black to choose from.

(Like Tom's office this room is also hard to get a photo of.
Below are my best attempts at before shots.)

The theme for this bathroom is nature meets city.

The photos on the walls are pictures that I took hiking in Colorado.
I think it came together perfectly!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Room Down, About Seven To Go

I just finished painting Tom's office! It took me much longer than I expected. It is a very large room with lots of windows. I spent all day yesterday taping the room, painting the trim, and using a few choice words as I wobbled around on a unstable ladder.

Thankfully, Tom was able to borrow a better ladder from a friend at work. Today was much smoother. I finished rolling the room in few hours. It always amazes me how long the first steps of the painting process take. I wish there was a way to just skip to the roller. If anyone figures it out let me know.

...and now for the before and after pictures!

It is really hard to get a good angle on this room. There are actually four windows that go across the front. It is impossible to get them all in the photo though. The murphy bed is going to go on the empty wall in the first set of pictures. I'll post more pictures once we get everything in the room.