Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back from Colorado

We traveled to Colorado last weekend for a friends wedding. This was our first trip home together, meaning we had to board our dogs for the first time. Luckily, after many hours of searching the web, I found a place that takes crazy dogs like our little Calvin.

We dropped the dogs off Wednesday morning. Both of us were nervous, perhaps it was like taking your child to kindergarden for the first time. Only, your child is the crazy, unsocialized one that bites people! The trainer handled Calvin extremely well. She let him know who was boss and he seemed okay with it. We were both expecting a call from her saying she couldn't handle him... but the call never came. They were even able to groom him.... and this is why I'm writing about it. He looks hilarious!

Calvin doing his patented "Prairie Dog" pose

The "Happy Dog"

And, of course, "Zoolander"

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  1. Adorable. The crazy ones are always more fun anyway.